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Cube Modular offers the next generation in affordable and stylish modular container homes. With designs available as studios, residential homes and commercial buildings.

Cube Modular homes are built using standard sized ISO shipping containers incorporated with the Australian Standards set out by the BCA. Modules are built with a minimum 6 star energy efficient rating and the latest of construction materials. Cube Modular continuously strive to resource new materials and will continue to do so, improving the carbon footprint of each module and the business. Modules are built to withstand cyclone ratings, fire ratings, transportation and re-location.

Cube Modular homes are constructed locally using, local suppliers and local, skilled trades people.

Cube modular can offer to contract out to a registered building contractor on your behalf, who can arrange all your On-site works including the foundations, utility hook-ups (sewer, water, electrical), and installation of the modules. Alternatively this can be arrange by yourself after the purchase of the module/s.

NOTE: All the above services will be contracted out to licensed trades people and registered building contractors.

Welcome to Cube Modular Homes, ask us for a quote.

Updates & News

Buying Car Tyres Online

Everything in this day and age is available to buy online video games on the property, with the overall advantage of the lowest prices. Car tyres are no exception to this rule, and in choosing to buy your vehicle tyres online, it can save you a lot of money. With tyre assembly partners across the country, it is the complete service that you have been waiting for. Mobile mount flaps are also out in force, so you do not even need to visit a garage to have your new tyres fitted! Online tyre retailers offer cheap tyres and excellent service, just be sure to follow our best advice and grab a bargain.

-It is essential that the tyres you buy conform to European standards and have the ‘E’ mark marked on them. This means that the tyres have met the strict rules and, more importantly, you can be sure of their safety.

-Make sure that the online provider has a partner in your area. The online savings will be significantly reduced if you are required to drive 50 miles to have a tyre fit!

-Remember that even the online prices of the high street retailers may be different from those sold in the store. I usually pay the order and pay for your tyres before going to the street vendor.

-Go shopping every time you change tyres, even if the leading street tyre supplier was the cheapest on your last visit. Online tyre prices vary daily to keep up with the competition, so make sure you check online before you buy.

-Always make sure that you are comparing as to appointments including all extras, including tyre removal, balance and valve replacement.

-Make sure that you are comparing as equally on the tyres as well. This means all different sizes and speeds of the tyres. You may find that the lowest price to be quoted is only for a cheaper tyre!

We hope this gives you a better understanding of the purchase of tyres online. Using this advice will save you money and allow you to buy top quality tyres for the same cost as cheap tyres.

Tips on How to whiten your teeth at home

Teeth whitening generally is very important. Although you cannot realistically compare the effectiveness of a dentist office procedure to the home remedy of teeth whitening, there are different methods that you can whiten your teeth at home. Thus, the following are some tips on How to whiten your teeth at home.  For teeth whitening kits, we recommend GogoSmile Teeth Whitening Kits.

1. By using of baking Soda

Baking soda generally is among the commonly used product on whitening the teeth mainly at home. It has been used by many people mainly for the oral hygienic purposes. Usually, baking soda effectively scrapes the teeth stains which mainly result from wear, eating and also another factor due to its rasping properties. To increase its effectiveness, one can use baking soda with the water and salt in order to make this process effective. This method, while in general considered safe, it should be used occasionally as the abrasiveness of the baking soda may wear or make the tooth enamel thinner.

2. By use of Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is another inexpensive and widespread technique for whitening teeth. It is widely available and can be purchased over-the-counter in all leading drugstores. Hydrogen peroxide works by penetrating the enamel and bleaching the underlying layer over a period of time because of its strong oxidizing properties that make it a powerful bleaching agent. Use by simply gargling Hydrogen Peroxide solution for a couple of minutes but make sure you don’t ingest the solution. After you gargle, thoroughly rinse your mouth with water. Using a cotton ball or something similar to it, you may also rub your teeth with the solution if you desire.

2. Also the use of Strawberries
Generally, strawberries are also very useful in teeth whitening. The strawberries seeds generally are very abrasive and also they contain a natural teeth whitening agents. However, it is important to be careful with weak acid since it can thin out your tooth enamel. Also, it is advisable to use a soft toothbrush, a mixture of the mash ripe strawberry and also little amount baking soda on the teeth and leave for a duration of 5 minutes. Then you can brush your teeth using the toothpaste that has fluoride.

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