What Does Into A Nice Deck?

I need to say my favourite part of my parents’ home is the deck. It’s the ideal place to spend hot summer days. We would often sit there from early afternoon until late into the night watching the sun go down over the lake.

While I have tons of great memories of time spent on the deck, I have my fair share of bad ones. Since it’s made from wood, I remember spending an entire weekend washing the gunk from it, then spending the next weekend covering it with water sealant. Oh, wood deck, how I loathed you a few days.

If plenty of maintenance and splinters do not seem like your cup of tea, what other choices do you have?

My parents have talked for years about replacing their timber deck with a composite deck. Lots of you out there could be at precisely the identical area and wonder if this kind of deck will work for you, so let us take a close look at them.  They also looking into natural composite timber screening, but it was not for them.

Here is a quick rundown on composite decks. Most are made from recycled wood scraps and plastic — which makes them pretty eco-friendly. They come in many different earth-tones and wood colours to match your outside decor. Many producers also add imitation wood grains, either from the coloring or the mould where the planks are shaped.

Composite decks come in a plank shape, very similar to traditional treated wood planks. You also have the choice now to purchase composite deck tiles. If you don’t need to fully replace your current wood deck, you can use these tiles to cover the whole area. Home Depot boasts that they snap together and just take a few minutes to install.


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