An In-Depth NOONAN Real Estate Review Australia

I contacted NOONAN about a house I am selling and I am glad to share my experience in this NOONAN Real Estate Agency review Australia. First, I love how professional David and his team are. You can tell right off the bat they have been working in the real estate industry for a long time. They know what questions to ask and other follow up questions too. They will guide you throughout the entire process so you won’t feel like you were at the shorter end of the deal. Additionally, they were able to pinpoint the best parts of my property to several interested buyers. We were even given profiles of the buyers so we will get the best deal. I felt great throughout the entire ordeal and I could not recommend them anymore to all those who are looking to buy or sell homes. There is no other real estate agency you should go to. The other agencies pale in comparison to what these people know. It looks like they are very compassionate about their job. I am pretty sure they don’t really see themselves doing anything else other than being involved in the real estate industry.


The awesome part about David and his well-trained team is all their connections in the industry. That is certainly needed and they won’t let you down no matter what you need. What’s even more amazing is the amount they were able to sell my property. I did not think that they were actually able to pull it off and they did. I was amazed of their capabilities and the amount of time they were able to do it. There was no question they put a lot of effort into selling the property at such short notice. I did not even tell them I needed the money. They knew that the faster the transaction is over, then the better it would be for everyone involved. Yes, everyone wins in that situation. David is such a great agent that he gave me updates consistently. I did not even need to contact him for updates. He gave me updates that I wanted to hear. In fact, he gave me the results that I was look for and that is all what matters in the end. They are pretty courteous no matter what the latest happening is. They will never forget to address you in the right way too.

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