Tesla Desktop supercharger has a sleek design & a perfect gift

Tesla is world famous for its electric cars, which are battery powered. These electric cars have a specially designed supercharger, which allows the car owner to recharge the batteries quickly. Now Tesla fans and others can get a reminder of the technology used in the Tesla supercharger by purchasing a desktop supercharger, which is a miniature version of the original supercharger, but is designed mainly for charging smartphones. While ordering the supercharger, the buyer can order it for an Android phone or Apple Iphone based on the phone he is planning to charge using the charger.

The main difference in the Android and iPhone version of the desktop supercharger is the cable which will be supplied with the charger. For the Android phone, the USB C cable of length one meter will be supplied, while for Apple phone, the one meter lightning cable will be provided. The color of the Android cable may be black or white depending on the stock available. However only white Apple cable is supplied. The supercharger can be connected to the wall charger or power bank for charging the phone. The high quality design of the supercharger ensures that the phone will be quickly charged.

The supercharger is pre-assembled before it is shipped to the customer, so that no time is wasted assembling the supercharger before using it.The supercharger is manufactured using the latest technology for 3D printing. High quality aluminum rods are used in the supercharger to give it a classy look. The materials used are PLA which is biodegradable and aluminum. The desktop supercharger is designed to look like a fuel charging station, and is white in color externally, with a black base, and red inner area. This inner section is used to store the connecting cable when not in use. This sleek supercharger is the ideal gift for Tesla fans.

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