What is commercial plastering?

Plastering has to be used as a finishing method for quite a long time. It was the most advanced method to finish about a century ago. However, the advancement of technology in the construction industry has led to the emergence of drywall or gypsum boards used as a modern way of finishing.


Even with these modern finishing methods, plastering remains a significant method since the advantages it comes with surpasses those of the modern methods. This article discusses the advantages of commercial plastering.


It is durable and strong.


If you compare what a plaster coating offers compared to these other modern methods, it is clear that the wall finish that is plastered is way stronger and durable. This is because the chemical reaction, which occurs when water evaporates from the plaster mix, results in strong bonding in the mix. This is what makes plaster resistant to knocks and dents. The backing, which is also known as a lath, which is normally employed behind the plaster, greatly influences its strength. The backing can be of metal boards, which only makes the construction stronger and long-lasting.



Professional Expertise.


In most cases, the craftsmen who are undertaking the plastering process offer great expertise, which clearly helps improve the condition of the walls and ceilings. The interior of the structure will also benefit from the decorative features attributed to plastering. When hiring professionals for a commercial plastering project, ensure you get competent ones who will offer reliable services that will be beautiful and long-lasting.



Plastering is almost dust-free.


Modern methods like that of the drywall involve a lot of dust, especially when cutting and sanding. The finishing process in drywalls into smooth surfaces is quite a daunting task. It will take several days as the compound responsible for sealing must be completely dry before another coat is applied. On the contrary, plastering produces little to no dust at all. The only dust produced is when water is being added to the powder from plaster. Since there is no sanding process required, the dust levels are minimized greatly. Commercial plastering is quite a simple process as the walls will require lesser time to finish. The mess created during the plastering process is usually less due to the practice and skill involved.


As shown in the discussion above, the process of commercial plastering at DFN Plaster Products has a lot of benefits. It may be an old method but still stands out as the best.

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