What’s the Perfect Garage for Your Modular Home?

A garage definitely isn’t the most flattering area of your house. Despite this, the garage is one of the most important and adaptable parts of the home. It can range from another level of protection for your cars to an exercise or storage room. This is why it is so vital to determine the perfect garage for your modular home. There are a few types of garages for you to consider.


Does your present modular home not have a garage? No problem because the first type of garage is a detached garage. It doesn’t matter if your home is being built, or already built, because you can add a detached garage to your house at any time. This allows you the chance to think about a garage without the stress of making a quick decision.



The next type of garage is an attached garage. Like its name suggests, at least one wall attaches to your house. You decide on this type of garage before the building of your modular house as it would be part of the house. Although, it is possible to add on an attached garage after the modular home is already built, this type of construction is much more complicated. Hobart made garages.


Lastly, there is an integrated garage. This type connects to four walls of your house and, as the name suggests, integrates into your home. This is very convenient as you would not only have a garage but extra space on the building site. The only downside to this is that the garage limits house space when it takes up building site space.


In all, a garage is a very important asset to your modular home. Consider an integrated or attached garage if you have not yet bought a modular home. If you need time to think or have already purchased a modular home, don’t worry; a detached or attached garage is perfect for you!


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