What is a CUBE Modular Home?

Cube Modular is a design, build and product supply company, specializing in modern container construction using the most current and up to date modular fabrication technology. Products can be chosen from current lines or Cube can provide one to one custom based services with clients to design and customize their own designs. The inspiration to develop creative and affordable modular construction is largely based on material cost, labour efficiency, large-volume supply chains and speed of fabrication creating affordable homes with optimum timescales. Previous experience in residential construction enables us to manage your project with care and attention while providing a high quality product.

How are Cube Modular Homes constructed?

Cube Modular homes are built using standard sized ISO shipping containers incorporated with the Australian Standards set by the BCA. Modules are built with a minimum 6 star energy efficient rating and the latest of construction materials. Cube Modular continuously strive to resource new materials and will continue to do so, improving the carbon footprint of each module and the business. Modules are built to withstand cyclone ratings, fire ratings and transportation. Cube Modular homes are constructed locally using, local factories and local skilled trades people.

Will I have difficulty getting a building permit for my Cube Modular home?

Generally, no. The majority of building elements are based on standard construction methods. These methods comply with the Australian Standards (BCA) and meet or exceed the performance of conventional homes. Before beginning construction, we offer clients an additional service to prepare and submit documentation for planning approvals and building licenses. Local codes do vary, however, a preliminary review of your design with your local building official is highly recommended.

Please note, that Cube Modular does not investigate the likelihood of any proposed property. Prospective clients should research local residential design guidelines or covenants to see if your permit process requires Design Review Board approval. If necessary, we can supply clients with the services of design reviews at additional costs.

Can I make changes to my Cube Modular home plans?

Certainly, although Cube homes are most cost effective when purchased as a completed design or with minimal modifications. The decision to use an existing designs with minor modifications or to do a custom home is best engaged early in the process. As with any homebuilding projects, late-stage modifications would involve more cost in the form of fees and time delays.

Can Cube homes be built on complicated or steep sites?

Yes. Each module can be set on a wide range of foundations designed specifically to your site. Special attention should be paid to the conditions of the site with regard to crane and truck access. Do I need to own property in order to begin the design process? We are happy to answer questions and help you select the Cube modules you’re interested in prior to owning land. In order to proceed beyond this point and begin selections, drawing review and siting the house we will need site-specific information.

Are there any savings to be realized in DIY finishes?

Sadly Cube Modular does not allow for uncompleted modules to leave the factory due to the reputation of the company and building standards. Alternatively if you decide you would like a more bespoke finish to the interior of the module, this can be easily achieved with the input of the client.

Can I add on to a Cube modular home in the future?

Our construction allows you to easily add to your home in the future, in a fashion not dissimilar to other homes. If you know the desired end result ahead of time we can master plan the entire home during the initial design phase, such that your chosen model affords the addition of later modules. This may increase the cost of the initial house, although subsequent additions will be easier and more efficient.