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Cube Modular offers the next generation in affordable and stylish modular container homes. With designs available as studios, residential homes and commercial buildings.

Cube Modular homes are built using standard sized ISO shipping containers incorporated with the Australian Standards set out by the BCA. Modules are built with a minimum 6 star energy efficient rating and the latest of construction materials. Cube Modular continuously strive to resource new materials and will continue to do so, improving the carbon footprint of each module and the business. Modules are built to withstand cyclone ratings, fire ratings, transportation and re-location.

Cube Modular homes are constructed locally using, local suppliers and local, skilled trades people.

Cube modular can offer to contract out to a registered building contractor on your behalf, who can arrange all your On-site works including the foundations, utility hook-ups (sewer, water, electrical), and installation of the modules. Alternatively this can be arrange by yourself after the purchase of the module/s.

NOTE: All the above services will be contracted out to licensed trades people and registered building contractors.

Welcome to Cube Modular Homes, ask us for a quote.

How To Choose The Best Air Conditioner For Your Home

With a constant change in weather conditions and the rising temperatures during summers, air conditioners have emerged to be quite a necessity. For you to get the best air conditioner for your home, take a look at the following considerations.

It is crucial to know what you are looking for and what is ideal for your home.

* Firstly, it is necessary to know whether you really need an air conditioner for your home or not.

* If your need is justified, the next step is to find out where will you set up the air conditioner in your home. It is obvious, you will not purchase an air conditioner that does not fit in your living room or even your bedroom. If the space available is too less, going in for a big AC will be quite inappropriate. On knowing this, you will be aware of the space that is available thus helping you to know if you need a big AC or a smaller one.

* The internet has made life so convenient that you can find almost anything and everything on the internet. Do a great deal of research online about the various types of air conditioners in Dayton, OH, and choose the best one for our home, based on its features.

* Get in touch with various dealers and find out the prices of these air conditioners or alternatively an evaporative cooler

* Set a particular budget for yourself and view all the features that you can get in this price range.

* It is important to get a demonstration of the air conditioner you want to buy.

* Most importantly, make sure that you have a warranty for this appliance as no air conditioner is sold without a warranty.

Purchasing an air conditioning system is not that difficult. With the right measures, this task can be quite a pleasant experience.

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