Predominant mass-production modular construction largely failed to meet the desires of people who appreciate design aesthetic. That’s why at CUBE, Custom-designed modernist architecture is within the reach of many people. Modular construction has started to be seen as the answer to an age old question? How do I afford something that has all the elements that I appreciate? e.g, Aesthetics, affordability, environmentally friendly and so on.orchid

Modular design and production has the potential to deliver affordable solutions. Complete factory-built dwellings that arrive on trucks ready to live in within a couple of days.

  • Available as studios, residential homes and commercial buildings.
  • Can be customized or combined to fit any need.
  • On-site works include the foundations, utility hook-ups (sewer, water, electrical), and simple fitting of the modules.

NOTE: All the above services should be undertaken by licensed trades people and registered building contractors.

Using the modular system, modules constructed off site offer clients the convenience of reduced disruption and disturbance normally associated with building projects of this nature.