CUBE MODULAR HOMES is a West Australian family owned business providing the need for well design shipping container homes with a detail for comfort and excellence.

CUBE MODULAR sells several models of contemporary modular studio’s/homes with an emphasis on excellent architectural design. A CUBE home is an eminently practical, somewhat whimsical, always functional, affordable expression of how you want to live. For those who value a modestly sized, well-designed residence, there is a CUBE home to meet your needs.

CUBE has systems in place to ensure a high level of quality control, minimizes building material waste and shortens construction time.

CUBE has currently developed THREE product lines that include STUDIO, RESIDENTAL and COMMERCIAL.

CUBE has taken the time to learn the best there is in container construction, so that we can provide a high level of design while maintaining structural soundness, low prices for designs that can actually be built. Our background in high-design has taught us to respond to clients needs for beautiful and efficient plans with features we know people want.

All CUBE modular homes feature distinctive and original design as standard. Our on-staff architects can work with you to further customize your project for an additional fee. CUBE architects are also available to work with you to produce a completely custom, one-off design, based on our modular system for a standard architectural fee, usually 15% of construction costs.